Teenage Dream

I photographed my 14 year old cousin Kylie on Easter this past weekend. She just made the high school cheer squad and wanted pictures that resembled a change from “middle school days” to the near future “high school days”. This session really was meant to show that she is no longer my baby cousin anymore, but now a blossoming woman! With every session I do, I will post a “Something I Tried” and a “Something I Learned” at the bottom! This will keep you up to date on my progress of becoming a better photographer. ENJOY! As always, comments, suggestions, or  anything is encouraged 🙂 ❤

Kylie Squat 3










Kylie Street

Kylie Street2

Kylie Flowers

Kylie Flowers2

Kylie Flowers4

Kylie Flowers3

Kylie Flowers6

Kylie Wall

Kylie Wall2

Kylie Jump

This was a fun picture that I wanted to try! Need to practice more on it!

Kylie Stump

Something I Learned: It is hard to work with people you are related to. I said this about my brother, but when you work with blood, they are much more likely to critique you as you go and are much sassier than normal. Nevertheless, I loved shooting her! I hope to again this summer!

Something I Tried: I downloaded a knock off brand of Photoshop called Pixelmator. It helps bring out wonderful colors and didn’t cost me $700!


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